Women’s Ministries

Women need one another. Join us as we grow together in prayer, the word and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Let’s help each other become the women that God is calling them to be.

Women’s Journaling Group–Morning Light

Led by: Jacque Stingley
Course No. SAT01 (52 weeks)
Time: 8:00 AM
Day: Saturday
Location: Wheat Montana
Spending time with God is a dynamic way to start your day. As a church, we have chosen to use the Life Journal. Life journaling is a simple yet effective way to apply what you read in the Bible to your everyday life.

Leader:Jacque Stingley

Bible Study Fellowship - Romans

Led by: BFS Leadership
Begins: Sept 12th
Course No. R01
Time: 9:00am
Location: Sanctuary

BSF is an international organization which touches the lives of women of all ages, backgrounds, and spiritual needs. As a class member, you will spend personal time in study and small group discussion of each lesson. Childcare will be available for children up to 5-years old. You must register online at https://www.bsfinternational.org

Book Fee :Free-will offering

Childcare is provided.

Kingdom Culture - Women Only Host home

Led by: Kay Broderick and Mary Hodges
Begins: Sept 20th
Course No. R01
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: 2-minute drive from the church, near Pinski Park

Jesus came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt. 4:23). Have you ever wondered what that means? Join us for this 12-week study from Dan Palmer of the Atlanta Dream Center. Learn what Kingdom Culture is, what it looks like, and how to be an ambassador bringing the Kingdom to the lives around you.

Book Fee :$10

Leaders:  Kay Broderick and Mary Hodges

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